Breaking and Shocking News —> Pregnant mom infected with coronavirus gave birth and child tested positive 30 hours later

A 30-hour infant born in a kid's hospital in Wuhan, China grew to be the youngest man or woman to get the new coronavirus.

The mom of the new child suffers from coronavirus, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday, citing state tv CCTV. The case of the baby raised the possibility that the new virus should pass from one man or woman to some other by vertical transmission, or when a man or woman transmits a virus to his child in the womb, for the duration of childbirth or thru milk maternal.

"We must be concerned about the possible new route for coronavirus transmission," said Zeng Lingkong, a senior medical doctor in the neonatal unit at Wuhan Children's Hospital, including that pregnant female have to stay away from human beings with HIV. coronavirus.

CCTV said the infant's vital signs and symptoms had been stable, according to the Post. A picture posted by the famous Chinese daily newspaper indicates the child in an incubator.

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However, Stephen Morse, an epidemiologist at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, told Business Insider that in utero transmission used to be unlikely.
"The baby is more in all likelihood to have gotten smaller the virus from the sanatorium environment, in an equal way, that healthcare people are contaminated with the useful resource of the sufferers they treat," stated Morse. "It is especially viable that the infant picked it up in a very traditional way - with the resource of inhaling droplets of the virus from the mother's cough."

There is no proof to suggest that the different two coronaviruses that caused predominant outbreaks - severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome or MERS - are capable of vertical transmission.

The child probably contracted the virus after birth
Other viruses, such as HIV and Zika, can cross the placenta and infect an unborn fetus. During labor and delivery, a new child can additionally contract HIV from exposure to infected blood and body fluids.

"Much of the transmission we have seen in HIV has not happened in utero however during the baby's birth," said Morse.

The infant who contracted the new coronavirus could have been infected the same way at birth, he added. But unlike HIV, this coronavirus is a respiratory infection and does not jump from person to individual via the blood, however via phlegm and saliva droplets.

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"For a respiratory virus, it would be quite unusual," said Nancy Messonnier, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease, on Wednesday, pronouncing the possibility of transmission in utero. "This is the first such report we have seen."
Xinhua, the Chinese public information agency, said that a lady with coronavirus gave delivery to a healthy child in Heilongjiang Province on Monday, Newsweek reported.

So far, few children have contracted the coronavirus
From December 31, when the outbreak used to be first reported, to January 22, no instances have been recorded in children below the age of 15.

In total, the coronavirus killed at least 494 human beings and infected greater than 24,000 others. (For the latest total of cases, number of deaths, and travel information, see stay updates from Business Insider here.)

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A current study posted in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that "children may additionally be much less in all likelihood to be infected or, if they are infected, have milder symptoms" than adults.

However, a few instances of the virus in young people have been reported in the previous two weeks. On January 26, a 9-month-old female was once diagnosed in Beijing. A few days later, a child in Germany whose father used to be diagnosed with the coronavirus tested positive.
Health officials in Guizhou Province of China reported on Tuesday that a month-old child used to be recognized with the virus there.

However, the coronavirus seems to on the whole have an effect on an older population. In a current study of 99 humans with coronavirus, their average age was once 55.5 years. Another study reported that the median age of 17 people who died used to be around 75. Many of these human beings had different fitness issues such as excessive blood pressure, diabetes or Parkinson's disease.

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