All About Heart Attack and its Types and Treatment (SOLUTION OF HEART ATTACK)

Heart attacks pose a serious health threat and can be life threatening.

Heart attacks pose a serious health threat and can be life threatening. They occur when a blockage in the coronary arteries disrupts blood flow to the heart, which can purpose permanent damage.

What is a heart attack?

The coronary arteries raise blood to the heart, allowing it to function. A heart attack additionally acknowledged as a myocardial infarction happens when a blockage develops in the coronary arteries and restricts blood flow to the heart.


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A heart attack results from one of the following kinds of coronary heart disease:

A STEMI heart attack is serious and requires immediate attention.

These attacks occur when the coronary artery is definitely blocked, preventing blood from reaching a massive area of the heart. This motivates innovative harm to the heart muscle, which can eventually stop it from working.

NSTEMI heart attacks manifest when the coronary artery is in part blocked and blood flow is severely restricted. Although they are much less risky than STEMI coronary heart attacks, they can reason permanent damage.

Coronary artery spasm
These spasms are additionally referred to as silent heart attacks or unstable angina. They appear when the arteries linked to the heart contract, stopping or limiting blood flow to the heart.

Symptoms do no longer motive permanent harm and are much less severe than these of different types of coronary artery disease.

It is viable to confuse a spasm of the coronary artery with a minor ailment, such as indigestion.


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Whatever the cause, all heart assaults require immediate clinical attention. The therapy used will depend on the kind of coronary artery disease.

In most cases, health care specialists will administer immediate treatment earlier than finding out the kind or severity of the attack. This treatment can also involve:

aspirin to decrease blood clotting
Oxygen therapy
nitroglycerin to assist blood circulation
efforts to decrease chest pain
Once a physician has determined the kind of coronary heart attack, additional treatment is needed to stimulate blood circulation. When the underlying coronary artery disease is much less severe, this can be completed using medication.

Anti-clots, additionally referred to as thrombolytic drugs, assist dissolve blood clots that purpose blockages.
Anticoagulants additionally referred to as anticoagulants, stop clotting.

Hypertension medications, such as ACE inhibitors, assist maintain healthful blood waft and minimize pressure.
Statins can decrease cholesterol in low density lipoproteins.
Beta blockers can minimize the workload of the heart and chest pain.
Doctors can additionally operate the percutaneous coronary intervention. This involves the insertion of a thin tube, or catheter, into the narrowed or blocked coronary artery. The give up of the tube is swollen, growing more area in the artery so that more blood can reach the heart.

In some cases, a stent will additionally be inserted throughout the procedure. This small metallic device is designed to keep away from future blockages.

Surgery can also be necessary in severe cases. The most frequent kind is bypass surgery, which includes transferring a blood vessel elsewhere in the physique to the blocked artery. The delivered vessel will permit blood to flow around the blockage and reach the heart.


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Recovery can range greatly, depending on the kind of heart attack, its severity, and how it has been treated.

A man or woman can regularly resume ordinary activities within a week. However, when the underlying coronary artery disease used to be more severe, it might also take months to recover from a heart attack.

After any kind of heart attack, a doctor will often advise cardiac rehabilitation, which can teach a man or woman to maintain a healthful way of life and reduce the threat of every other attack. Changes in physical activity and eating levels may additionally be suggested.

Risk factors

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Some human beings may additionally be more vulnerable to heart attacks. Common hazard factors include:

obesity or overweight
poor diet, especially a diet excessive in trans or saturated fat
low level of physical activity
smoking tobacco
advanced age
diabetes or excessive blood sugar
family history of heart disease


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An individual can minimize their threat of heart attack by:

do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic workout per week
reduce stress
no smoking
a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, total grains, legumes, nuts and fatty fish
maintain a healthy weight
Heart attacks are now not always preventable due to the fact genetics is a factor. However, with the easy way of life changes, a man or woman can take the necessary steps to decrease their risk.

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